Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Freedom Machine

Bikes have been known as 'Freedom Machines'. Here are some freedoms I get and don't get on two wheels.

Cycling gives me freedom from...

...paying for a car, petrol, VED, MOTs, repairs. Sure, my bike costs me, but it's trivial by comparison.
No need to go here. Image from Image Money on Flickr

...relying on buses, their erratic timetables and paying their fares.
Don't need to wait on one of these, nor go where it goes. Image from Les Chatfield on Flickr

...trying to find a parking space or paying for parking.
Image from Tim Regan on Flickr

...contributing to air pollution when travelling around town.
Image from eutrophication&hypoxia on Flickr

Unfortunately, cycling doesn't give me freedom from...

This kind of overtake, and far worse, are all too common. Image from Klaas Brumann on CycleStreets
knowing my family genuinely worry about my safety.
No picture for this one. I worry that they worry.

verbal abuse and intimidation.
Direct quote from one of the Paisley's less polite motorists


In Scotland? Come to Pedal on Parliament.

In Renfrewshire? I'm in the process of starting up a 'Renfrewshire Cycling Campaign'. More on Facebook.

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